WordPress, Blockchain & Rock'n'Roll
We believe in freedom of choice and freedom to act. We choose open source for development, blockchain for finance, and Rock’n’Roll for inspiration.
Fast and feature-rich websites for quick start
We are here when your project needs a quick start and your website should look perfect!
Website creation for a fixed price
You don’t have to pay extra for traffic and additional pages. Our working style is freedom in every way!

Website creation process

Website design

Integration on WordPress

Setting security preferences

Adding content

Website launch

Examples of our work

Prices in Bitcoin

  • Website design 0.012 BTC

    We create template designs for home page and interior page of your website.

  • Laying out website designs for WordPress 0.007 BTC

    We adapt website designs for WordPress + Elementor.

  • Setting up website on client’s hosting 0.003 BTC

    We set the website to the highest security settings and install all necessary plugins.

  • Adding website content FREE

    We add texts and pictures for up to 5 sections of your website for free.

  • Elementor liсence 0.0015 BTC

    We purchase licences for the website framework used as a base for laying out website designs.

Our clients

For the past 15 years, we have worked with the following companies

Website development roadmap

Our work on each website is based on the following scenario:

1 / Goal

We discuss the goal and get your approval through our Telegram channel.

2 / Start of work

We start working on website creation.

3 / First presentation

We show you mockup designs.

4 / First payment

You pay an advance payment of 50%.

5 / Development

We start laying out website designs and integrating them with WordPress + Elementor.

6 / Second presentation

We show you intermediary results on our hosting.

7 / Second payment

You pay 25% of the project budget.

8 / Upload to our hosting

We customise your website and add content to it on our hosting.

9 / Third presentation

We show you finished version of your site on our hosting on temporary domain.

10 / Transfer to your hosting

We transfer your website to your hosting.

11 / Adjustments and debugging

We perform debugging and fine tune your website on your hosting.

12 / Final payment

You pay the rest 25% of the project budget.

Our advantage is individual attention to each client. All our clients are our friends.

We are ready to answer all your questions within 24 hours.

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